Broadcast Team

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Dick Anderson, Sports Director

Dick Anderson, Sports Director
Sports Director at KMMM for the past 14 years has been the voice of the Pratt Greenbacks and Pratt Community College Beaver sports broadcasts. Doing the play by play as well as hosting the live Nex-Tech Coaches Corner, Pratt Community College Update program. Dick is also active in the community in Pratt, doing many different local events and announcing. Dick has been awarded an honorary lifetime membership in the Greenback Booster Club.

Troy Maydew, Color Commentator
Color commentator at KMMM for the past 13 years. Troy is a partner in Maydew-Thibault Optometry in Pratt. Troy excelled in his high school at Smith Center. Troy is a graduate of Kansas State University, where he played basketball for the Wildcats. His wife Kelly was a Wildcat Volleyball player. They both are active in the community. Dr. Maydew was recognized as the 2016 Kansas Optometrist of the year.

Glen Cunningham, Stat Guy
The stat guy has been with the team for 14 years and does a great job putting the numbers together and the information for the sports events KMMM broadcasts. Glen and his wife Mary Beth both came to Pratt and both taught at Pratt High School. Glen also used to coach basketball. Glen is also a member of the Kiwanis Club.