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TEDx Talks will Highlight Future of Transportation

TOPEKA, Kan. – Oct. 10, 2017 – Speakers for the TEDxWilmingtonSalon on the future of transportation have announced the topics of the TEDx Talks they will give next Tuesday, October 17.

Twelve leaders in the world of transportation from across the United States and abroad will gather for perhaps the first TEDxSalon in the world dedicated exclusively to exploring transportation. The theme of the Salon is “Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? The Transformation of Transportation.”

The event is available to experience live online via Livestream. Instructions on how to access the online feed may be found at

The following topics will be discussed by the expert presenters:

  •  “How to Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer”
  • David Silver, California, Leader of the Self-Driving Car program at Udacity
  •  “New Mobility: The Efficient Frontier?”
  • David Woessner, Maryland, General Manager of Local Motors
  •  “What’s Driving the Connected Car? Data, It Turns Out”
  • Lauren Smith, Washington, D.C., Policy Counsel and Director of the Connected Cars Project at the Future of Privacy Forum
  •  “Autonomy: Who’s Driving the Consumer?”
  • John Nielsen, Florida, Managing Director of AAA Automotive Engineering Team
  • “The Automated-Vehicle (R)evolution”
  • Dr. Tom Dingus, Virginia, Professor of Engineering, Director of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)
  • “The Transportation of the Future will Require a Governmental Leap of Faith”
  • Jennifer Cohan, Delaware, Secretary of Transportation, State of Delaware
  •  “The Zero Dollar Car: How Big Data Will Transform the Transportation Industry”
  • John Ellis, Illinois, Ellis & Associates, Former Global Technologist of Ford Motor Company’s Connected Car Business
  •  “Getting There Together: Why Sharing is the Future of Transportation”
  • Anya Babbitt and Yale Zhang, Michigan, Co-Founders of SPLT
  • “A $5 Trillion Ticket: To Pay or Not to Pay for the Future of Transportation”
  • Andreas Mai, Michigan, Innovation Leader at Keolis North America, former Director of Smart Connected Vehicles with Cisco
  • “Convenient or Creepy? Navigating Privacy to Realize the Promise of Connected Cars”
  • James Koenig, New York, Co-Chair of Fenwick & West LLP’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice
  • “Transportation: Moving Towards a Connected and Safer Future”
  • Elan Nyer, Israel, Director of Business Development at Nexar
  • “No Backseat Drivers: How Should the Government Regulate Connected Cars?”
  • Maureen Ohlhausen, Washington D.C., Acting Chair, Federal Trade Commission
“These talks are going to cover a wide variety of topics, from technology many of us couldn’t imagine a generation ago to new ways of thinking about paying for infrastructure,” said Ajit Mathew George, Organizer and Executive Producer of TEDxWilmington. “I am excited about the ideas worth spreading these speakers will offer on October 17.”
“Advances in transportation have driven the growth of our society for the past century. At this TEDx event, we’re going to hear about the technology and trends that will reshape society in the decades to come,” said Cathy Rossi, Vice President of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic. “AAA is pleased to be the leading sponsor of this event, especially given our history which began at the dawn of the automobile. We intend to inspire, enlighten and engage a world-wide audience in a conversation about the future of transportation.”
Sponsors for this TEDx Salon include AAA, the Delaware Department of Transportation, White & Williams, the Delaware River and Bay Authority, the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the American Highway User Alliance, Transurban, G.S. Proctor & Associates, Inc., the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, and CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer.
The online Livestream availability of the “Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?” TEDx event is inspiring viewing events from groups such as transportation departments, higher learning institutions and other organizations across America and internationally.
In addition to the online Livestream, registration to experience the event live at The Queen in Wilmington, Delaware is $75 for the public, and only $35 for AAA Members – information about registrations is available at
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