Agape Health Clinic Open on July 2

agapeThe Agape Health Clinic will be open on July 2 from 4 to 8 p.m.  Please be registered by 7 p.m. to see a physician.  Doors will be open at 3:45 for patients to register.  If you are new please bring your proof of income and photo I.D.

This clinic is first come, first served.  You may see a different physician this time than last.  We have three physicians that normally work the clinic, but from time to time they change.  This program is for the uninsured, low income people of our community.  Please use the programs that are available to you.  Pratt Regional Medical Center has given the clinic a grant to be used for tests, if the doctor orders them.  Normal blood test are usually free to the patient.  Our next dental clinic (extractions only) is August 9, 2014.  For more information or if you wish to volunteer, please call Jeanette at 388-4191.