UPDATE: Woman arrested related to April shootings of Rice County Sheriff and Undersheriff

BARTON COUNTY –  The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) issued an arrest warrant for Erin M. Baker, 27, for crimes connected to the April 29 shootings of the Rice County Sheriff and Undersheriff.

Then, on Sept. 18, at approximately 9:10 a.m., Baker was arrested by Barton County Sheriff’s Office deputies at her residence at 517 E. 5th St., in Ellinwood, Kan. Baker was arrested for interference with a law enforcement officer, aggravated child endangerment, and obstruction of apprehension.

The charges allege Baker put her 7-year-old child in danger in continuing a relationship with David Madden, who she knew was a convicted felon who possessed a firearm, which culminated in the child being present when Madden shot the Undersheriff. She is also accused of obstructing the investigation into the shootings of the Undersheriff and Sheriff, and the murder of Thomas Madden, by leaving the scene and not attempting to notify authorities of the crimes that occurred.

Following her arrest Baker was booked into the Barton County Jail. The Rice County Attorney’s Office will prosecute the case. Nothing further will be released at this time.

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UPDATE: Rice County shooting investigations

 RICE COUNTY –  The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) and the Rice County Sheriff’s Office gave a brief update on the investigation taking place in Rice County.

The Rice County Undersheriff is currently in serious condition, and the prognosis for his recovery is good.

A fund was established for those inquiring about how they can assist during his recovery. Donations can be made at the Alden State Bank in Sterling, or mailed to the bank at:

Alden State Bank

Attn: Chad Murphy Fund

P.O. Box 288

Sterling, KS 67579

Donations will be used for medical expenses, or other personal or family expenses related to this incident.

The investigation into the shootings in Sterling and Raymond has brought up questions related to the investigation into the 2015 disappearance of Megan Foglesong. This missing person case remains open and considerable efforts continue in an effort to solve the case. David Madden is suspected to have been involved in Foglesong’s disappearance.

If any new information or evidence is discovered during the course of the current investigations taking place in Rice County, it will be pursued and fully investigated. However, presently, no new information or leads have emerged since the recent shootings. If anyone has information about the disappearance of Megan Foglesong, please contact the KBI at 1-800-KS-CRIME.

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UPDATE: Rice County Sheriff and Undersheriff shot                                                                                                                                   

RICE COUNTY –  The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) announced that the standoff with a suspect who shot the Rice County Sheriff and Undersheriff Monday evening ended just after midnight on Tuesday morning.

At approximately 12:10 a.m., authorities located the body of David L. Madden inside the residence at 490 Avenue S. in Raymond, Kan. Also, found deceased in the home was Thomas T. Madden, 65, the father of the suspect, and owner of the home where the standoff occurred. No threat to the public exists any longer as a result of these shootings.

The investigation suggests that when Madden shot the Undersheriff, a female and a child accompanied him in the vehicle. Madden then fled the area and drove to his residence in Alden to retrieve guns and ammunition. He then went to his father’s home, where it is believed he fatally shot Thomas Madden prior to the Sheriff and deputy arriving. Then it is believed the female left the scene. A short time later, when the Sheriff arrived, which was at approximately 5:40 p.m., he was fired upon and shot in the leg.

After the Sheriff was shot, Madden exchanged gunfire with additional responding law enforcement officers. Over the next several hours the Kansas Highway Patrol’s Special Response Team, and the KBI, the Barton County Sheriff’s Office, the Reno County Sheriff’s Office, the Wichita Police Department, the Rice County Sheriff’s Office, the Sterling Police Department, the Lyons Police Department, and many other area law enforcement agencies, attempted to safely determine the suspect’s location in the home.

They first located the body of Thomas Madden. Then, at approximately 12:10 a.m., authorities located the body of David Madden, which ended the standoff. It is suspected that David Madden died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

KBI agents and the Crime Scene Response Team remain in Rice County interviewing witnesses, and assisting the Rice County Sheriff’s Office in processing multiple crime scenes.

The condition of the Undersheriff remains critical but stable, and the Sheriff was released from the hospital.

David Madden was a suspect in the 2015 disappearance of Megan Foglesong, and was also indicted last week on federal firearms charges.

The investigation is ongoing.

EARLIER Release-April 29, 2019

Rice County Sheriff and Undersheriff shot                                                                                                                      

RICE COUNTY The Rice County Sheriff and Undersheriff were shot at separate locations in Rice County on Monday evening. Agents of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) responded to investigate the shootings, and assist in attempts to apprehend the suspect.

Preliminary information indicates that at approximately 5:10 p.m. Monday, April 29, the Rice County Undersheriff attempted a car stop near the Sonic Restaurant, just north of the Sterling city limits. The car stop was related to a warrant for the vehicle’s occupant, David L. Madden, 37, of Alden.

Within approximately thirty seconds of initiating the car stop, the Undersheriff radioed to dispatch that he had been shot. EMS responded, and he was flown to a Wichita hospital. He is being treated for four gunshot wounds, and is currently in critical, but stable condition.

Following the shooting of the Undersheriff, the Rice County Sheriff learned information that Madden likely fled to a residence in rural Rice County, southeast of Raymond. He and another sheriff’s deputy arrived at the residence and encountered Madden. Gunshots were exchanged, and one round struck the Sheriff in the leg.

The Sheriff and deputy called for assistance and additional law enforcement agencies responded. Authorities were able to surround the home, establishing a perimeter.

The Sheriff was taken to a hospital in Lyons, Kan., and was then transported to a Wichita hospital. The Sheriff is in good condition.

The standoff at the residence in Rice County continues with multiple law enforcement agencies on scene.

The investigation is ongoing. Nothing further will be released at this time.